Bo Staff 4624

Martial art Bo staff in traditional dimensions



Bo Staff 4624
    Code: Bo4624
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    Price: $125.00
    Diameter: 1.125"
    Overall Length: 71"
    Weight: 34 ounces
    This quality grade L7 bo staff, often used in the Okinawan martial arts is made to traditional proportions of 1 1/8" diameter and 71" in length. Often known as the "Rokushaku Bo," which refers to the traditional length of 6 shaku. The Kingfisher version is made of tough Appalachian hickory, a wood more resilient than oak, including the evergreen white oak, shiro kashi. The qualities of hickory become evident over time, especially when other wood species start to get brittle.
    The end detail on Kingfisher grade L7 4624 Bo staff with maker's mark. This one was made by senior woodworker Benny Danaher. The characters mean, "red metal."