Japanese Rokushaku Bo Staff

Rokushaku Bo, the long Bo staff of feudal Japan



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    The martial art <strong>Bo staff</strong> of Okinawa and feudal Japan ranges in length from shorter and youth versions at 60" to longer than 72" but the most widely recognized bo is the "rokushaku" Bo. The name rokushaku means "six shaku", a shaku being .994 ft and so the traditional length is 71". 

    Three diameters are available. The default is 1 1/8" which is the traditional thickness and nicely proportioned to the full length Bo however, the thinner diameters are ideally suited to youth length Bo (60" - 65"). For a fast Bo staff with exceptional maneuverablity, the thinner diameters are highly recommended, even in full length versions!

    Domed end of 71 x 1 1/8" (grade L7) rokushaku Bo. All Kingfisher products are made in our Vermont workshops but each one bears a unique maker's mark that identifies the craftsman and the time period that the item was produced. For more information on the maker's mark, see this link: FAQ
    The Bo staff is only available for US shipments. Due to the length, we cannot ship this product to international destinations.