Bokken - Wooden Long Sword

Japanese bokken


1) If your dojo uses a wooden sword from a particular school, for example the Katori ryu, the Yagyu ryu, the Iwama ryu or the Kashima ryu, use that design.


2) If your dojo uses bokken with hand guard (tsuba), choose a bokken with a transitional step that accepts a tsuba like the Aikiken, Shinto or Kenjutsu.


3) For dojo that allow a degree of flexibility, the most versatile designs are the Aikido medium or the Shinto bokken. These have elements of both old school and Aikido related wooden swords, and accept a tsuba if needed.


For more information on choosing a bokken, see our informational pages below.


Mr. Brad, In our way of doing this, we just don't get caught up in the flashy swords and such. Thus, a really nice bokken is a dream. Thank you. - Motobu Ryu

I LOVE my new enhanced bokken and jo. It almost makes me sad that I don’t use my other Kingfisher weapons very often I may give them to an assistant instructor. I was wondering if you could make a matching enhanced tanto for me... I know that is serious overkill...but I keep these on my Shomen now and the tanto that I have showing just looks off in comparison. Is this possible? Thank you!! - GN

Brad, thank you so much for the exquisite Katori Bokken. I was glad to hear that you made it, especially so that I would know who to thank. And indeed everything, from the superb selection of the piece of wood you created the bokken from, to the flawless shaping and inscription is now a piece of serious artwork and an extraordinary tool that I will treasure. The way you positioned the wood grain, on both sides of the bokken, is an example of Myo itself!! With the left sides gorgeously smooth grain strikingly animated by the two perfectly positions whorls, one at the transition of the tsuka and the other in the center of the mono uchi!! And on the right side, the floating cloud of beautiful blond grain that travels from the kissaki to a position that literally underlines the inscription is just plain beyond my powers of description!! Not to mention All of the other wonderful colors and feathers of varying grain patterns that are found everywhere on the bokken. And as I expected, the koshi-zori curvature and the balance of the bokken are far beyond anything I have ever held or swung before. I bow to you, and I bow again. I'm hoping that one of my nephews or nieces is going to catch the bug of training with bokken soon. If they do - we'll surely be calling you! Until then, my best to you! OSU!!!

I received the bokken I ordered from you as a Christmas gift for my son yesterday. It's awesome. Never held one this nice. I went ahead and gave it to him when he got home from school rather than waiting until Christmas. Thank you!