carbide tip

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carbide tip
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    This proprietary carbide tip assembly is a unique Kingfisher design, made in the USA. The kit includes a heavy ¾" diameter steel washer.

    The rounded tungsten carbide point is intended for extreme shock and abrasion resistance suitable for contact with rock and hard materials and brazed into a stainless steel body. The point, unlike that of sharp hiking stick tips, is rounded to minimize environmental damage.

    To fit this point into the end of a hiking stick or cane, pre-drilling is recommended.

    softer wood (pine, spruce):7/32" drill bit
    medium wood (cherry, walnut):15/64" drill bit
    harder wood (hickory, exotics):1/4" drill bit

    If you're not sure of the wood's hardness, use the 7/32" bit first. If the bolt threads in too tightly, you can open up the bore a bit with the next drill size. For final assembly, coat the bore with wood sealer, epoxy or marine varnish. Then, drive stud into wood with 1/2" socket. For more information on the hiking stick carbide point, see this link: Carbide Point.

    Note: no instructions are included with shipment other than those given above. It's easy to install, however, care must be taken to drill straight in line with the hiking stick or cane shaft.