Custom Length Staffs

Custom Length Japanese Staffs

Custom length staffs are available in various lengths and diameters. Check out this link to see the wood grade selections. Also, check out this link on technical specifications and also choosing a jo.

Grade L5 is our most economical. It's a bit lighter in weight than the others.

Grade L7 is our top quality wood. It's more dense than L5.

Grade L7hc is the same as L7 in quality however, grade L7hc refers to our "all hand cut" procedure whereby the staff is made without sandpaper. It's cut entirely by hand without the use of abrasives.




Thank you so much. The sticks look great. They arrived today. The 12”, 18” and the 26” are definitely going to become favorites. My stick that I used for years in law enforcement was a 26” stick and later a 26” Monadnock rollerlock expandable baton. Collapsed it was 12” and I was trained to use it that way too. 18” rattan sticks became a favored training stick. Later I became a police stick instructor certified in all of the then current police sticks. Even later I was certified by the Department of State as Police Baton instructor and taught at several embassies. But through it all my favorite is still a straight wood stick. Once again however, I need the Kanji for each of the sticks. I should have written them down as I placed the order. I thought that I could print out the order confirmation but it just had your code for each one. Sorry to be such a pain. Best wishes,