Enhanced Aikiken Bokken

Enhanced Aikiken bokken for Martial Arts

The Enhanced Aikiken bokken is made of our highest quality wood, infused with acrylic resin that's been driven completely through the cellular structure. This makes the wood harder, heavier, more stable and virtually maintenance free. The finish is entirely in the wood, not on it.


The Aikiken design combines the necessary speed and strength required in paired Aikido weapons work and it's available in two sizes. The medium version is arguably the best representation of the benchmark or average size and shape of a bokken. At 40" overall length and medium thickness, it could be used in most dojo and most practice situations. The large version is suitable for a martial artist seeking a heavier bokken - it's a bit longer at 42" and is also slightly larger in girth.



Please allow 3 1/2 - 4 weeks for shipment. We'll send tracking upon completion.



Enhanced Aikiken Bokken
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