Enhanced Aikiken Drifting Clouds

Enhanced Aikiken Large "Drifting Clouds, Flowing Water"



Enhanced Aikiken Drifting Clouds
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    Price: $1,200.00
    This enhanced Aikiken large bokken represents our best work both technically and artistically - that with some luck from the wood itself. At 26.6 oz weight and a high density, this bokken has a tremendous feeling of strength and presence, perfect geometry and side to side straightness. The wood pattern shows an extremely unusual pattern of white patches amid the darker reds.
    The aikiken large design, at 42" length and fairly stout proportions, is oriented towards a stronger martial artist, seeking a bokken of heavy weight. While the material is exceedingly tough, and the weapon capable of heavy impact, this particular bokken, could also serve as a focal centerpiece, its character and name lending itself to a place of peace and relaxation. See the info below on the inscription.  
    For detailed information on the process used to make this, check out enhanced wood.
    Add the single weapon display stand for this bokken at $90 off of the regular price - we'll add the inscription "koun ryusui" to the stand for no additional charge.
    This bokken, with its unmistakable patches of white and flowing grain structure - oriented on the omote (front or display side of the bokken)  named itself - "Koun Ryusui" 行雲流水. Drifting clouds flowing water. It means live life as it is - or, in modern terms, go with the flow.