Enhanced Hiking Stick "mori"

Enhanced Hiking Stick "mori"
    Code: enhhs1508
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    Price: $295.00
    Diameter: 15/16"
    Overall Length: 59"
    Weight: 24.4 ounces
    Enh1508 (Mori) is made of enhanced Appalachian hickory, our toughest and most beautiful material made even better through a process whereby acrylic resin is drawn completely through the structure of the wood. Very little maintenance is needed. This staff is long and slender with a beautiful mix of red and white wood, characteristic of the high grade hickory of southeastern US. The staff is perfect for balance, stability and if needed, self defense.
    The kanji inscription is comprised of three identical elements (radicals), each meaning "tree." When combined into one, the meaning is - forest.
    Tungsten carbide wear tip. Unlike sharp carbide points, this robust domed shape will last indefinitely and due to its shape, is environmentally friendly and less likely to mar and deface rock surfaces.<