Enhanced Weapons

Enhanced bokken - Japanese Swords

Enhanced bokken, jo and other staffs begin with our flagship material, Appalachian hickory which, for all intents and purposes is superior to all other woods used for martial art purposes. In this category of products however, the wood is further improved in both hardness and density through a process whereby acrylic resin is driven completely through the wood structure.


Strength and ductility are preserved but hardness and density are increased. This is especially advantageous for bokken since high density imparts a more "sword-like" quality - but there are other advantages for wooden swords and staffs in general: higher density imparts higher dent resistance; since the finish is completely through the wood structure, there is no need for oil finish maintenance; the cells are filled with resin and so there is very little, if any atmospheric moisture exchange and hence, less potential for movement or warp.


But finally, we use a polishing technique that creates a beautiful mirror smooth finish that brings out fine details in grain structure and reveals the wood's subtle beauty.



Please allow 3 1/2 - 4 weeks for shipment. We'll send tracking upon completion


Hello! I LOVE my new enhanced bokken and jo. It almost makes me sad that I don’t use my other Kingfisher weapons very often anymore...lol. I may give them to an assistant instructor. I was wondering if you could make a matching enhanced tanto for me... I know that is serious overkill...but I keep these on my Shomen now and the tanto that I have showing just looks off in comparison. Is this possible? Cost? Thank you!! GN .

Dear Sir, Yesterday I received the weapons I ordered. They arrived in undamaged condition. The weapons are beautiful, the wood smooth and finished to a high gloss. I was especially impressed with the stuba. The person who receives these weapon will have near perfect tools with which to practice and teach for decades to come. Thank you for you diligent and hard work. David