Enhanced hiking stick 1577

Enhanced hiking stick 1577
    Code: enhhs1577
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    Price: $200.00
    Diameter: 1"
    Overall Length: 56"
    Weight: 29.4 ounces
    This heavy, enhanced hiking/self defense staff has a graceful ivory grain structure with (old version) carbide tips on both ends. This would not be a good choice for use in the dojo however, it would be excellent for practicing staff techniques outdoors. While everything about this stick i.e. its straightness, weight, strength is superb, it has a cosmetic anomaly shown in the detail image below. It's offered here at 30% below regular pricing. For more information on the enhanced wood and carbide tips, see the links below!
    Rugged carbide tips at both ends for quick reversals in an outdoor environment.
    This unusual looking grain pattern is due to a growth feature in the wood itself however, we checked it in an extreme bending stress test and this area is as resilient and tough as the rest of the staff.