Enhanced Iwama Bokken 1692

This Iwama bokken is heavy with a pronounced forward balance, characteristic of the Iwama Ryu. The strength, hardness and mechanical properties are unsurpassed when compared with other materials used for wooden weapons. This bokken is generally representative of our enhanced class of Iwama bokken. All of them are true in proportion and balance but unique in terms of color and aesthetics. On the omote side, this particular one has a light reddish color with an distinctive black mineral streak in the area of the transition and ivory colored on the ura side. For more information on our process of wood enhancement and the base materials used in these creations, see the link below "enhanced wood information"



Enhanced Iwama Bokken 1692
    Code: enhiw1692
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $395.00
    Major Axis: 1.45"
    Minor Axis: 1.07"
    Overall Length: 41"
    Taper: 13%
    Weight: 28.8 ounces
    Domed kashira
    Blunt point, characterstic of the Iwama ryu bokken and certain old school (koryu) designs