Enhanced Iwama 4602

Enhanced Iwama Bokken 4602



Enhanced Iwama 4602
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    Price: $550.00
    Major Axis: 1.455"
    Minor Axis: 1.060"
    Overall Length: 41"
    Sori (curvature): .5"
    Taper: 13%
    Weight: 27.4 ounces
    This bokken has extraordinary density. Notice the size proportions: it's not excessively large in girth however the weight is a stunning 27.4oz. This is the ideal character for the Takemusu Iwama Ryu but also, this bokken has all of the benefits of Kingfisher's enhancement process which augments the natural wood. This one has vibrant dark colors with ivory notes and black streaks. Price reduced from $900 to $550.
    Domed kashira. This design allows for the left hand to rest slightly over the edge of the tsuka. Fast movements and directional changes of the sword are only possible if the left pinky rests slightly on this edge.
    Smooth transition between grip and blade section. The Iwama bokken does not use a tsuba (hand guard). The techniques of Takemusu Aiki Sword are closely related to open handed Aikido practice and rely on the defensive movements of the practitioner, not the protection of a hand guard.
    The blunt tip of the Iwama bokken. While the Iwama Ryu is a modern martial art related to Aikido, the blunt point design, and other key features of this bokken are seen in some very old schools that influenced the overall shape and character.