Enhanced Kashima Bokken 1714

Enhanced Kashima Bokken 1714
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    Price: $425.00
    Major Axis: 1.55"
    Minor Axis: 1.175"
    Overall Length: 41.5"
    Taper: 10%
    Tsuka (hilt) Length: 10.5"
    Weight: 30 ounces

    The Enhanced Kashima bokken is straight, heavy and has little taper. The overall length 41 1/2" with a tsuka length of 10 1/2". Its profile is generally stout with a thick oval hilt (tsuka) and a feeling of heavy balance which, while noticeably different from most other wooden swords, lends itself well to the heavy inertial style of the Kashima Ryu (school). This bokken, while straight, is heavy-hitting. It's not wielded with a wide hand spacing and hence the short tsuka. This is because the correct use of this sword relies not on arm strength or leverage but power delivered through the motion of the hips and body as a whole. In our video bokken strength, a Kashima bokken is used to demonstrate the breaking strength of wood.



    Make sure to add an optional tsuba (hand guard) if you are enrolled in a traditional (koryu) dojo as a tsuba is always used in traditional Kashima sword-work.


    For more information on enhanced products, see this link enhanced weapons




    Domed kissaki - this is the hilt of the bokken which is shaped with a slightly elevated dome, similar to the shape of live blade tsuka fittings.
    The transition area (that is, the dividing zone between the handle and the blade) has a pedal shaped relief. This allows for the bokken to be fitted with a tsuba but also, indicates the start of the blade and the hand placement.