Enhanced Kashima Bokken

Enhanced Kashima Bokken for Japanese Martial Arts

The Enhanced Kashima bokken is straight, heavy and has little taper. The overall length 41 1/2" with a tsuka length of 10 1/2". Its profile is generally stout with a thick oval hilt (tsuka) and a feeling of heavy balance which, while noticeably different from most other wooden swords, lends itself well to the heavy inertial style of the Kashima Ryu (school). This bokken, while straight, is heavy-hitting. It's not wielded with a wide hand spacing and hence the short tsuka. This is because the correct use of this sword relies not on arm strength or leverage but power delivered through the motion of the hips and body as a whole. In our video bokken strength, a Kashima bokken is used to demonstrate the breaking strength of wood.


As with all of our products, there are variations in wood color. Some are mostly white, some mostly reddish and others have a color mix. To maintain top quality, we establish grade on density and mechanical properties, not color so there will be some differences in appearance. All of them are unique in this respect.


Make sure to add an optional tsuba (hand guard) if you are enrolled in a traditional (koryu) dojo as a tsuba is always used in traditional Kashima sword-work.


For more information on enhanced products, see this link enhanced weapons



Please allow 3 1/2 - 4 weeks for delivery
Enhanced Kashima Bokken
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    Price: $425.00
    Major Axis: 1.55"
    Minor Axis: 1.175"
    Overall Length: 41.5"
    Taper: 10%
    Tsuka (hilt) Length: 10.5"
    Weight: 30 ounces
    The kashira of the Kashima bokken is slightly domed. This allows for correct left hand placement slightly over the edge without a sharp 90 deg angle.
    The kashima transition allows for the fitting of a tsuba. As mentioned above, a tsuba is used in traditional schools so if you're affiliated with a Kashima dojo (you'd know this if you were) make sure to order an optional bamboo or leather tsuba.

    This detail shows the point of the traditional old school wooden sword of the Kashima Shin Ryu. Because this bokken is heavy, with very little taper, it lends itself to a short point, with a flat at at the curved edge boshi referred to as “ikubi-kissaki” or, boar’s head point.


    Dear Brad and Benny, I had two great days of suburi practice getting acclimated to this beautiful Bokken. I found the relationship that felt authentic for where I am in my sword practice now. I know I will need to grow into this. Class last night was with bokken :) Sensei’'s first response to holding it was "Holy Jesus!" Thank you from my heart for crafting me a Bokken that I can grow into and will teach me. With much gratitude,