Enhanced Kenjutsu Bokken

Enhanced Kenjutsu bokken for Martial Arts

The Enhanced Kenjutsu Bokken, with its sweeping graceful curvature, adapts to multiple customizations and is offered with various length options. Often chosen with a longer hilt (tsuka), which sometimes makes up a full third of the sword's overall length, this classic shape, unlike other designs, will also accommodate broad variations in size without distortions, loss of control or balance. The versatile kenjutsu bokken will also accept an optional hand guard (tsuba). A long tsuka is often a misunderstood sword feature: while many practitioners choose the wide hand spacing to increase power and leverage, these swords are actually intended more for sensitivity and precision rather than raw power. By using a wide hand spacing, the tsuka telegraphs and amplifies subtle movements of the opponent's weapon more accurately.

For more information on this class of bokken, jo and staffs, see this link Enhanced Weapons



Although this design allows for many variations in length, choosing the shortest tsuka length and the longest overall length is not recommended. For a 45" overall length bokken, a practical minimum tsuka length is 12". For a 44" overall bokken, minimum tsuka length 11.5". For a 43" bokken, minimum tsuka length is 11".



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Enhanced Kenjutsu Bokken
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    Domed kashira. This allows the user to rest the pinky finger half way on the edge of the hilt. The shape is derived from live blade fittings.
    The Enhanced Kenjutsu Bokken has a defined transition separating the handle (tsuka) from the blade section as this design is often used with a tsuba (hand guard). 
    Fully resoved sword stye kissaki (point). This is exceedingly difficult to execute, especially the symmetry and vertical line break (yokote). It's the ultimate interpretation of a live blade point transposed into wood. The sword kissaki is time consuming and difficult to create. We use it in our high-end products but it's rarely if ever seen in work orginating outside of the Kingfisher shop.