Enhanced O-dachi bokken 5400

58 inch overall length Enhanced O-dachi bokken



Enhanced O-dachi bokken 5400
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    Overall Length: 58"
    Sori (curvature): 2"
    Taper: 25%
    Tsuka (hilt) Length: 16"
    Weight: 33 ounces

    Manufacturing extremely long bokken, reminiscent to O-dachi and live blades used in ancient times, and to a lesser degree in modern times as reflected in the Kage Ryu 影流, is difficult on many accounts. Here, we've selected Appalachian hickory, air dried for five years but using only a very small selection of material that has taken a natural sword curvature on its own. The result is a quarter sawn wooden weapon with grain the follows a deep koshi-zori (curvature), otherwise known as "bizen-zori." In this example, the effect is further augmented by the heartwood grain line that runs the entire length as a natural temper line.

    To maximize density and hardness, Enhanced O-dachi 5400 has been processed through our unique "enhancement" technique where acrylic resin is drawn completely through the wood structure. This stabilizes the wood and compliments the phenomenal impact strength and mechanical properties of the base material. This bokken is incredibly strong and has all of the aesthetic features of a historic O-dachi. With a length of neary 5ft, a weight of over 2lb and a curvature depth of 2in, it has a feeling of tremendous presence.

    We'll make a custom stand for this bokken (similar to the one in the image - as an option). Also, inscriptions and tsuba are available.

    This bokken is unique, to say the least. While we have a few other blanks of similar quality, they've been selected from thousands of billets over a many year period. At most, only a few will be made - each one distinct from the other.

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    Domed kashira
    Pedal shaped transition between tsuka and blade accepts accessory tsuba
    Fully resolved sword style point (kissaki)