Enhanced shinto (Raiju)

Enhanced shinto (Raiju)
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    Overall Length: 40"
    Tsuka (hilt) Length: 10.75"
    Weight: 20.4 ounces
    This bokken is made of tough, ultra dense enhanced Appalachian hickory, which for martial art purposes, is vastly superior in all regards in hardness, strength and density to all other wood. We only use the most extraordinary wood for the enhancement process and this is no exception: mostly white with some light tan, looking like a subtle, long, undulating temper line on the ura side but the omote side, it has the most unusual spiked figure. This pattern is caused by what's known as "mineral streak" in the wood. Here, it looks like the claw marks of a wild animal. Despite it's high density, this wooden sword is a bit thinner than our standard shinto or aikiken medium profiles. It's very fast. All of our enhanced work has high density (it sinks in water). This high density is the key factor in the feeling of "presence" and allows for a beautiful balance and sword like quality.

    The inscription in kanji reads "Raiju"

    Raiju is associated withj Raijin, the Shinto god of lightning. While this mythical creature is usually reserved, it becomes wild, and leaps about in trees and fields during thunderstorms. Things struck by lightning are said to have been scratched by Raiju's claws.