Enhanced Yagyu Bokken 4217

This enhanced Yagyu style bokken has perfect geometry, shape and balance. It's light in weight (characteristic of the Yagyu ryu) however, the enhancement process results in a hard surface while retaining the ductility of Appalachian hickory.



Enhanced Yagyu Bokken 4217
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    Price: $275.00
    Overall Length: 40"
    Sori (curvature): .5"
    Weight: 17 ounces
    The Yagyu ryu emphasizes quickness of motion and the bokken of this traditional sword school  are thin and fast. Yagyu bokken aren't used with a tsuba (hand guard) and so there is no step or transition in this area. The bokken has a clean, smooth look and the seamless blending of handle into the blade allows for various hand placements.

    Domed hilt (kashira)
    Fully resolved sword style kissaki (point)