Enhanced Yagyu bokken 5040

Enhanced Yagyu bokken, quartersawn wood, free shipping to most destinations*



Enhanced Yagyu bokken 5040
    Code: enhyagyu5040
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $750.00
    Major Axis: 1.365"
    Minor Axis: .980"
    Taper: 27%
    Weight: 19.8 ounces
    This spectacular enhanced Yagyu bokken is thin and fast however, our enhancement process adds both density and hardness so that the wood achieves a stunning feeling of stability and presence. Our enhanced material has all of the weight of a tropical wood without the brittleness or association with poorly managed deforestation issues. This one comes from wood with a with a perfect sword zori: the blank is from our inventory of quartersawn material that has been air dried over 5 years. The naturally occurring curvature in the raw material produced a perfectly symmetrical shape along grain lines. The color margin forms a beautiful sweep of mostly red wood. Although the appearance of this bokken is understated, all aspects: strength, taper, balance and aesthetic clarity are of the most supreme quality. Normal price on this bokken $1000. Reduced for the holiday season to $750.
    Domed kashira
    Transitionless interface between the tsuka (haft) and the blade section. This bokken is not used with a tsuba.
    Sword style kissaki. Most people would be surprised to learn that the apprenticeship for a traditional Japanese sword polisher is more arduous that that of a smith. The same could be said of the kissaki on a wooden sword. This kind of detail is extremely hard to achieve, we make this kind of point on our most premium work.
    *Shipping on the bokken to most destinations is free but if there's an unusual situation with your country, we'll let you know in advance.