Enhanced Yagyu Bokken

Enhanced Yagyu Bokken for Japanese Martial Arts

The Enhanced Yagyu bokken at 40" overall length is one of the most elegant and beautiful of wooden sword shapes. Like all Kingfisher enhanced products, it is strong and fully capable of paired practice but also relatively slender. Due to its thin shape and lower mass, this superbly efficient design is mainly oriented to finesse and evasion, lending itself to quick and light movements instead of re-directing the path of heavier weapons through impact. The Yagyu bokken does not accept a hand guard (tsuba) and due to the gradual blending of the handle section (tsuka) to the blade, allows for various hand spacings.


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Enhanced Yagyu Bokken
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    Domed kashira. This allows the user to rest the pinky finger half way on the edge of the hilt. The shape is derived from live blade fittings.
    The Yagyu bokken doesn't have a defined transition separating the handle (tsuka) from the blade section as this design isn't used with a tsuba (hand guard). Optional inscriptions are made in front of the position of the right hand, on the omote (front), left, bevel.
    Fully resoved sword stye kissaki (point). This is exceedingly difficult to execute, especially the symmetry and vertical line break (yokote). It's the ultimate interpretation of a live blade point transposed into wood. Because of the time and difficulty of creating this style of point, we only use it in our high-end products. It's rarely seen elsewhere.

    The Bokken arrived yesterday and is Beautiful, truly a work of art. Thank You again for all of your help. Sincerely, Sergei