The Hanbo (half bo) is a traditional Japanese short staff with a length half that of the rokushaku bo.


    Code: hanbo
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    The Hanbo at 36" is close in size to a cane - it combines the attributes of a sword, a cane and a short staff.

    Walking Stick Version: This stick is identical to the hanbo but includes a carbide tip for outdoor use. (See the 'Add carbide tip' selector to add a carbide tip to your hanbo.)


    Hello, I received Hanbo and bokken they are beyond incredible. The bokken balance is insane...... thank you so much so beautiful. - Jack B.

    Hi Brad, Received my hanbo and yawara in good order - they look very well made. Thank you. Will get in touch in the future to see if I can get a slightly shorter yawara (maybe 6 or 6 1/2") as well, and possibly a hanbo with a metal tip (in a few months). Best regards, Skip