Hiking Stick

Hiking Stick

The Kingfisher hiking stick is available in custom lengths for walking, hiking, trekking, backpacking and trail running but it's also the best choice for urban corridors, dog walker areas and places requiring security. It's made of Appalachian hickory, arguably the world's strongest wood.



Hiking Stick
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    The Straight Stick:


    Along with wood choice, which in this case is phenomenally strong and beautiful Appalachian Hickory, the other most important characteristic of the hiking stick is its shape: a straight staff gives the user the most flexibility in choosing hand position for optimal working length. When climbing uphill or downhill, it can be grasped higher or lower for best reach and balance. Adjustments can be made instantly. Since there is no left or right hand bias, the hiker can quickly shift between hands. Although branches and irregularly shaped sticks provide a whimsical appearance, they also restrict the hiker's hand placement and limit the adjustments possible with a straight uniform staff.

    Two diameters are available. The original 15/16" diameter is intended to be light and fast - it has a more slender feel. The 1" diameter option is thicker and has a medium girth for those preferring a slightly thicker feel.

    Also, check out new choices in custom length staffs and design your own custom hiking stick!


    This shows the dome end of one of our top quality, grade L7 hiking staffs. While there are differences in wood color, the quality and attention to detail are evident in all levels of our products
    The tungsten carbide tip specially designed to be environmentally friendly and features a rounded but robust point that will not damage fragile ecosystems and rock formations. 
    Hundreds of inscriptions are available. 

    The Kingfisher Hiking Stick is intended for optimal speed, maneuverability and reach but its origins are related to the Japanese Jo Staff. This historical 17th century wooden staff became embedded in history as the unlikely weapon used in a legendary duel with Japan's most celebrated swordsman. For this fascinating account - see this link: The Wooden Staff of Japan

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    Just got my hiking stick today. Love it! Craftsmanship all the way from grain of wood to the finish it more than I could have wished for. Don't usually comment on products but had to let you know how pleased I am with it. Thanks again, Dan

    He loves it! Thank you. Well worth the wait. His Sensei is Menkyo Kaiden Kashima Shin Ryu and we hike every weekend, so he gets that this is his long term hanbo while being his hiking stick now. He will get a lot of use out of this stick. Hiking trails start in our yard. It is a very interesting piece of Hickory as well. Cheers, Greg