Hiking Sticks & Canes

Arising from our experience in martial art products, Kingfisher presents the finest and most functional wooden hiking sticks and walking canes. Made of Appalachian hickory, the strongest natural wood available, these products deliver an unparalleled feeling of stability and security. We make these in custom lengths and configurations to ensure the best fit and suitability for individual needs. Naturally, Kingfisher hiking staffs and mobility canes are created to provide the best value for outdoor use and providing stability however, the difference is that our underlying materials and technologies are derived from years of experience in products requiring high strength.


Our mission is to provide top quality American made products intended for severe service, as well as beauty and balance in an all natural wood configuration. None of our products or labor are out-sourced, even our tungsten carbide tips used on our hiking sticks and available as an option on the SD (self defense) cane are US made. While these sticks are all customized to some degree and essentially made-to-order, we try to keep lead times as short as possible. You'll not find any shortcuts in our processes or choice of materials that would inevitably affect our reputation as a manufacturer of the highest quality in a very specialized niche market.