Kashima long sword

Kashima long sword
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    Kashima wooden long swords are straight, relatively heavy and have little taper. Overall length 41 1/2" with a tsuka length of 10 1/2". The profile is generally stout with a thick oval hilt (tsuka) and a feeling of heavy balance which, while noticeably different from most other wooden swords, lends itself well to the heavy inertial style of the Kashima Ryu (school). A bamboo tsuba (hand guard) is included since it is always used in traditional Kashima swordwork.
    The area of the kashira on this L7hc grade bokken, where the left hand holds the wooden sword, is shaped to be slightly domed (like that of a live blade mounting). It is cut with a cleanly delineated edge and formed by the action of many little cuts of a razor sharp knife.
    This bokken is always used with a tsuba (hand guard). Made of reliable cross laminated bamboo, it's not prone to the dramatic and sudden failures common to solid wood tsuba.
    This is the short stubby kissaki (point) of this bokken in grade L7hc (L7 hand-cut). It's made to withstand the direct impact which often occurs in the Kashima sword style.