Kenjutsu Bokken

Kenjutsu Bokken Long Sword

The Kenjutsu Bokken, with its sweeping graceful curvature, adapts to multiple customizations and is offered with various length and balance options. Often chosen with a longer hilt (tsuka), which sometimes makes up a full third of the sword's overall length, this classic shape, unlike other designs, will also accommodate broad variations in size without distortions, loss of control or balance. The versatile kenjutsu bokken will also accept an optional hand guard (tsuba). A long tsuka is often a misunderstood sword feature. While many practitioners choose the wide hand spacing to increase power and leverage, these swords are actually intended for exactly the reverse. By using a wide hand spacing, the tsuka telegraphs and amplifies subtle movements of the opponent's weapon more accurately. The long handled kenjutsu bokken is sword that derives its advantage more from sensitivity in response than an increase in power.


Although this design allows for many variations in length, choosing the shortest tsuka length and the longest overall length is not recommended. For a 45" overall length bokken, a practical minimum tsuka length is 12". For a 44" overall bokken, minimum tsuka length 11.5". For a 43" bokken, minimum tsuka length is 11".



Kenjutsu Bokken
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    The area of the kashira on this L7hc grade bokken, where the left hand holds the wooden sword, is shaped to be slightly domed (like that of a live blade mounting). It is cut with a cleanly delineated edge and formed by the action of many little cuts of a razor sharp knife.

    The Kenjutsu bokken has a clearly defined transition in the position of the tsuba (hand guard).
    This is the kissaki style point of a hand cut Bokken - grade L7hc. It is hand carved and shaped to interpret the point on a live blade.