L7hc Shinto bokken 5157

Grade L7 hand cut shinto bokken with included display stand



L7hc Shinto bokken 5157
    Code: L7hcshin5157
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    Price: $425.00
    Major Axis: 1.5"
    Minor Axis: 1"
    Overall Length: 42"
    Sori (curvature): .75"
    Taper: 25%
    Tsuka (hilt) Length: 11"
    Weight: 42 ounces
    This Shinto style bokken is all red heart Appalachian hickory from 4 year air dried stock. The wood is absolutely supreme quality having a beautiful reddish tone and superior strength. It's presented with an unusual solid cherrywood display stand with arched uprights. Shipping is free to destinations in the lower 48 contiguous US and will arrive in 2 separate cartons (for overseas delivery, please contact us in advance)