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Hiking Stick Lanyard
hiking stick with prusik knot

At the left, a Kingfisher hiking stick (not included) is shown with an adjustable lanyard. The Lanyard is hand tied and ready to attach to your stick with minor adjustment - it uses no clips, plastic components or dubious injection molded parts. It is expertly tied from a single length of perlon rope and relies entirely on the action of proven mountain climbing knots. The strap has 2 degrees of adjustment. The soft but strong cord is wound around the shaft in a bound prusik knot which holds fast to the shaft when the loop is stressed but slides easily when grasped directly. This allows for infinite adjustment (or easy removal if needed)

Note: The lanyard is shipped on a separate stub from the staff. It is better if you are somewhat familiar with ropes when intially sliding the lanyard on the staff in case you need to adjust the tighness and re-make the prusik loop. If you feel uncomfortable or confused by this after looking at this video (how to tie a prusik), or you are seeking a "snap on" solution, it might be better not to order this product. On the other hand, if you view this as a learning opportunity, you won't be dissapointed. You certainly won't be dissapointed by it's intended use. The rope's colors vary from one shipment to the next so there will be differences in color from the images shown.

Shown below, the vertical position of the lanyard is easily adjusted to any position - high, low or at any position along the shaft. This is especially convenient when changing the working length of the hiking stick for different terrains. Compare this to the high tech adjustable metal telescoping trekking pole. A solid wooden staff has no mechanical or plastic components to fail and cannot collapse in use like an aluminum trekking pole
adjusting the hiking stick strap hiking stick strap in high postion hiking stick strap in low position
hiking stick strap with large loop hiking stick strap with small loop The opening can also be adjusted to accomodate different grips by widening or narrowing the loop as shown on the left. Shown below are some variations: grip above knot and grip below knot. The prusik knot winding on the shaft and the loop adjustment noose will not slip during any stresses encountered during hiking action.
gripping the hiking stick above knot gripping the hiking stick below knot hiking stick grip
  Three colors are available, purple (left), red and green. Manufacturer's colors change somewhat from lot to lot and may vary from those shown.
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