Bo, Jo & Other Staffs

Japanese Bo, Jo and Other Japanese Staffs

The Bo staff, of Okinawan kobudo 沖縄古武道, ranges in length from 60" to 72" - the standard however is the "rokushaku" bo at 71".


Of the medium length staffs associated with the Samurai arts, the Jo is probably the most notable owing to its legendary status as the sole equal to the Samurai sword (katana or "shinken)." In the early 17th century, Muso Gonnosuke Katsuyoshi gave birth to the martial arts system of "Jodo" 杖道, that would elevate the humble wooden staff to one of the preeminent weapons of the bugei of Japan.


Kingfisher offers Jo staff in the exact dimensions of the original (the shindo muso ryu proportions) as well as staffs with the more modern sizing based on a martial artist's physical size and preferences.


Other staff type weapons include the hanbo (a cane length staff) and yawara (primarily a striking and pressure point weapon).



Hi Brad, I received the hanbo I ordered a few days ago. I just wanted to take a moment and express how impressed I am (once again) at your work. The grain and base color for the hanbo are a pretty close match for the jo I already have. Once the oil I use has a chance to go through the oxidation process and turn its normal light golden I think it will be hard to tell that the one is newer than the other. I have attached a photo so you can see your handy work. The upper stick is the jo and the lower the new hanbo. Again, thanks for the great work and your dedication to first rate quality. Best, Mike