SD Cane

The Kingfisher Self defense cane, along the concept of a shillelagh, differs in that the grip is comfortable and better for bearing weight but also, the design is inconspicuous. It differs from a crook type cane in that its intended use includes keeping an assailant at a safe distance, and not limited to pulling or entangling an adversary at close quarters.

Although this looks simple, it's been years in development. The SD cane features all wood joinery. It's made of grade L7 Appalachian hickory and suitable for severe service. Available in custom lengths, taper option, three color choices, optional carbide tip and customized inscriptions.

Canes are permitted for air travel as carry on (see this link TSA) however, TSA may object to the metal tip whereas a SD cane without optional carbide tip has no features that depart from the definition of a traditional cane/walking aid.


Length: the standard method is to measure the distance from the floor to wrist-bone while standing with shoes on and in a relaxed position.


Taper: the default geometry is straight shaft and having an even cylindrical shaft, is the stouter of the two options. The taper option results in better balance and speed, and like a traditional cane geometry is visually more elegant.


Carbide Tip: The non-removable carbide tip option is excellent for use on icy streets and back woods environments and it's versatile: if used on city streets or sensitive historic sites, the included rubber tip fits over the carbide.



SD Cane
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    Price: $175.00
    The joint construction is all wood with no mechanical fasteners. Notice that the tenon connecting the handle and shaft is square. This type of design, while difficult to execute, ensures maximum side grain contact and is the most superior woodworking joint.
    The handle is comfortable for use as a weight bearing cane however, it's also an effective tool if needed in a self defense situation.
    The grip allows perfect weight distribution and ergonomics without resorting to elaborate carvings or odd shapes.