Shinto Bokken

Shinto Bokken

The Shinto Bokken is medium in size, quick and maneuverable. Its design could be described as the standard of Japanese wooden swords and is available in 3 quality grades.

Shinto Bokken
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    The Shinto Bokken Wooden Long Sword is 40" overall length with an 10 3/4" tsuka. This quick and maneuverable bokken is oriented to techniques of finesse and accuracy. It is compatible with many martial styles and unlike bokken that are intentionally created as rough training swords, the Kingfisher Shinto design has a feeling of exacting precision, but does not lose the austerity that defines the best weapons of antiquity. Very similar in proportions and feel to the aikiken medium, the shinto bokken has sword style point (kissaki) sometimes preferred for iai or sword drawing techniques. The images below show the L7hc grade with fully resolved hand cut sword point with perpendicular tip dividing line (yokote). Shinto bokken in grades L5 and L7 are identical in shape and balance and also have a sword point, however, the geometry of the point is slightly simplified with the yokote angled rather than perpendicular.

    Kendoka: There are some variation of the accepted length of this bokken. You can easily order a shorter version of this wooden sword. For example, make a note in the "comment" text box below " dimensions: 10 1/2 tsuka"/ 40" overall" or, if you'd like the bokken proportioned according to the All Japan Kendo Federation (AJKF), 24cm - 9.44" tsuka, 102cm - 40.16" overall, write "AJKF proportions" in the comment text box.

    For longer bokken of similar parameters, see this link kenjutsu bokken.

    The area of the kashira on this L7hc grade bokken, where the left hand holds the wooden sword, is shaped to be slightly domed (like that of a live blade mounting). It is cut with a cleanly delineated edge and formed by the action of many little cuts of a razor sharp knife.

    This bokken is made with a clearly defined transition between the area of the hilt (tsuka) and the blade section. Notice the symmetrical petal shaped relief which is characteristic of the best hand made weapons.

    This is the kissaki style point of a hand cut Bokken - grade L7hc. It is shaped to interpret the point on a live blade but instead of a sanded finish, it is left in its carved state and retains a natural hand cut appearance.

    Hello Brad, Just a quick note of thanks for the new Bokken. The quality is so nice and the shape, feel, weight and balance are just perfect for me. Thank you again, Chris


    Hello James, I was looking at your Specials page and saw the Shinto Floating World Bokken and your description. It looks very nice. I like the way it curves in the middle and gets a little straighter towards the kissaki. Also, The kissaki work is beautiful with the wood grain pattern. Also your comments on shape and balance very much interested me. I am checking if that Bokken is available? You may remember that you made me a custom hand cut Yagyu in 2016 that had beautiful coloring and graining. I have been very happy with that one. Thank you, CE