Shinto short bokken

Shinto short bokken
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    The shinto short bokken accompanies the shinto bokken. Overall length is 26", hilt (tsuka) is 7 1/2". If your order includes both a long sword/short sword pair (daisho), we will match the characteristics of your set in both color and balance characteristics.

    Note: For kendoka, make a note in the "comment" text box above "for kendo kata" and we will adjust the tsuka to 6" and 22" overall, which is the standard for kendo.

    The area of the kashira on quality grade L7hc, where the left hand holds the wooden sword, is shaped to be slightly domed (like that of a live blade mounting). It is cut with a cleanly delineated edge and formed by the action of many little cuts of a razor sharp knife.
    This short sword is made with a clearly defined transition between the area of the hilt (tsuka) and the blade section. Notice the symmetrical petal shaped relief which is characteristic of the finest hand made weapons.
    This is the kissaki style point of a hand cut Bokken - grade L7hc. It is shaped to interpret the point on a live blade but instead of a sanded finish, it is left in its carved state and retains a natural hand cut appearance.