Single weapon katana kake

Single weapon katana kake
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    Shown here, the single weapon katana kake for shinken or nihonto. Note the upright supports have 25mm (about1") U shaped cradles for secure support of of the saya. Since there a variations in saya width, make sure that the cradle isn't too large or small for your sword. This design is also available with V shaped supports which match the bevels on Kingfisher bokken and preferable for wooden swords and staffts or, notched supports for display of naked blade.

    This stand holds one live sword, bokken, jo, hiking stick or any staff. The design features vertical weapon supports flaring upright in a compound tapered curve. The Kingfisher single sword stand measures 6" height, 15" width and 4" depth. Not an outsourced product, this sword stand is made entirely by the skilled craftsmen at Kingfisher of Wilder Vermont from well managed domestic sources. Stand is supplied in solid Adirondack cherry wood with bookmatched grain orientation and mortise & tenon construction. Unfinished acid free basswood is available upon request for bare blade display of nihonto.

    Customized kanji inscriptions from our large database are available.

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