Special Wooden Swords

6 bokken of Appalachian hickory for DIY projects. Various designs and in different stages of completion with character marks and cosmetic flaws but of them fine for student practice.
Some may be completely finished but most need to be sanded, cut to length, points made and oiled, etc.
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Price: $125.00

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This bokken has extraordinary density. Notice the size proportions: it's not excessively large in girth however the weight is a stunning 27.4oz. This is the ideal character for the Takemusu Iwama Ryu but also, this bokken has all of the benefits of Kingfisher's enhancement process that  augment the natural wood. This one has vibrant dark colors with ivory notes and black streaks.
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Price: $900.00

Major Axis: 1.455"
Minor Axis: 1.060"
Overall Length: 41"
Sori (curvature): .5"
Taper: 13%
Weight: 27.4 ounces

Domed kashira. This design allows for the left hand to rest slightly over the edge of the tsuka. Fast movements and directional changes of the sword are only possible if the left pinky rests slightly on this edge.

Smooth transition between grip and blade section. The Iwama bokken does not use a tsuba (hand guard). The techniques of Takemusu Aiki Sword are closely related to open handed Aikido practice and rely on the defensive movements of the practitioner, not the protection of a hand guard.

The blunt tip of the Iwama bokken. While the Iwama Ryu is a modern martial art related to Aikido, the blunt point design, and other key features of this bokken are seen in some very old schools that influenced the overall shape and character.

Enhanced Shinto Bokken 4596

Enhanced Shinto Bokken 4596
This enhanced shinto bokken has a beautiful even, ivory color, perfect shape and balance. It's slightly lighter in weight than some of our enhanced products but perfect for the martial artist seeking a traditional bokken with ultra high quality and medium weight.
Code: enhshin4596
Price: $295.00

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Major Axis: 1.5"
Minor Axis: 1"
Overall Length: 40"
Sori (curvature): .5"
Taper: 25%
Weight: 22 ounces

Enhanced Katori 4572

Enhanced Katori 4572

Enhanced Katori bokken in all red heart Appalachian hickory wood. This is a specialized bokken specific to Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu, a classical old sword school. This one of a kind enhanced version is state-of-the-art in terms of density, hardness and trueness of shape. The Katori bokken is unique among wooden swords in that the curvature, which is pulled slightly back into the tsuka, its slightly shorter length, and its moderate taper, give it a feeling of incredible leverage and power. While all of the koryu (old school) bokken represent many years of evolution, it could easily be argued that any modification in terms of balance, length or weight detract from the design. While the shape and balance are produced without interpretation from the original early Muromachi design, our enhancement process stabilizes and hardens the wood as the only modern refinement.




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Price: $950.00

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Enhanced Katori 4572'. Please check back later.

Major Axis: 1.510"
Minor Axis: 1.092"
Overall Length: 38.5"
Sori (curvature): .5"
Taper: 24%
Weight: 23.4 ounces

Domed kashira. Although you can't see it in this picture, all kingfisher weapons bear an insignia, pressed into the endgrain, that identifies the maker.

The inscription reads "muni." The literal translation is no two or without two. It means "no equal" and this is the exact description of the Katori bokken: both the koryu design from antiquity and this particular rendition.

The chisel style point of the Katori bokken is shared by a few other schools. Not only is the geometry extremely strong, the bevels of the tip give the user a directional reference that's arguably superior to other point styles.

Beautiful, massive smooth sanded suburito of grade L7 wood. The actual one shown above has been sold but we have very high grade wood available with comparable features including mineral streaks, color variations and character marks that in no way devalue the beauty or functionality of the piece.
Code: stdsub0943
Price: $200.00

Overall Length: 42"
Tsuka (hilt) Length: 12"
Weight: 42 ounces

Code: enhken1680
Price: $750.00

Major Axis: 1.45"
Minor Axis: 1"
Overall Length: 43"
Taper: 25%
Tsuka (hilt) Length: 13.5"
Weight: 23.6 ounces

This one-of-a-kind enhanced Kashima bokken is spectacular in weight, shape and appearance. Of all our work, this bokken achieved a weight exceeding most, if not all of our normal sized wooden swords. While the Kashima pattern is stout, it's still very difficult to achieve a weight over 2lb without creating an oversize thickness. While this bokken is relatively large, it's not excessively so. This is because the wood, initially very dense, was further improved by our process of drawing acrylic resin through the grain structure. It weighs an astounding 2lb 5oz. The technical properties of this bokken are augmented by its crazy grain patterns which include random darker marks on the light colored sections of wood, beautiful, flowing tans in the heartwood section and tiger-stripe patterns throughout.

The Kashima bokken derives its power through its mass however, because a skilled user wields the bokken using the correct motion of the entire body and hips, not just the strength of the arms or shoulders, it's for this reason that a blow from a skilled practitioner is able to send an opponent's weapon sailing away. You'll note that in our video demonstrating the strength of wood, a Kashima bokken is used to test the impact strength of various kinds of wood.
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Price: $800.00

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Major Axis: 1.6"
Minor Axis: 1.3"
Overall Length: 41.5"
Taper: 15%
Tsuka (hilt) Length: 10.5"
Weight: 36.8 ounces

Domed kashira

The transition from tsuka to blade will accommodate a tsuba. Tsuba are almost always used with the kashima bokken.

This shows the short, stubby point of this style of bokken. The geometry is exceedingly strong but also captures the essence of a fully resolved sword point.

Enhanced Aikiken Drifting Clouds

Enhanced Aikiken Drifting Clouds
This enhanced Aikiken large bokken represents our best work both technically and artistically - that with some luck from the wood itself. At 26.6 oz weight and a high density, this bokken has a tremendous feeling of strength and presence, perfect geometry and side to side straightness. The wood pattern shows an extremely unusual pattern of white patches amid the darker reds.
The aikiken large design, at 42" length and fairly stout proportions, is oriented towards a stronger martial artist, seeking a bokken of heavy weight. While the material is exceedingly tough, and the weapon capable of heavy impact, this particular bokken, could also serve as a focal centerpiece, its character and name lending itself to a place of peace and relaxation. See the info below on the inscription.  
For detailed information on the process used to make this, check out enhanced wood.
Add the single weapon display stand for this bokken at $90 off of the regular price - we'll add the inscription "koun ryusui" to the stand for no additional charge.
Code: driftingclouds
Price: $1,200.00

This bokken, with its unmistakable patches of white and flowing grain structure - oriented on the omote (front or display side of the bokken)  named itself - "Koun Ryusui" 行雲流水. Drifting clouds flowing water. It means live life as it is - or, in modern terms, go with the flow.