Special Wooden Staffs

This wooden hiking stick is made of tough Appalachian hickory and perfect for the hiker looking for a dependable, light weight staff. It includes a rugged tungsten carbide wear tip for severe outdoor service on any terrain. This hiking staff version is from our "custom length staff" category. It's intended to serve the user trained in stick techniques derived from the fabled schools of Jodo whereby a simple stick becomes an effective tool of self defense.

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Price: $92.00

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Diameter: 1"
Overall Length: 50.5"
Weight: 16 ounces

Notice the crisp detail and workmanship of the hiking stick end. This one, because it's a hybrid between a recreational hiking staff and a martial art staff, bears the maker's mark in kanji characters.

The inscription reads, "kan," see with your mind's eye.

The Kingfisher carbide tip is made of mining grade material. While it's incredibly tough, the geometry of the point is rounded and designed to have minimal impact on delicate trails or ecosystems.

Ultra high quality L7 straight grained jo with subtle color variations - ready for your inscription or immediate shipment
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Price: $80.00

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Diameter: 15/16"
Overall Length: 53"
Weight: 18.4 ounces

The domed ends on Kingfisher's grade L7 work provides optimal strength and handling control

56" x 1" Grade L7 hiking stick with lanyard and carbide tip. Color mixes and character marks. Ready to ship immediately or choose your inscription for shipping in a day or two.
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Price: $123.00

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Diameter: 1"
Overall Length: 56"
Weight: 23.4 ounces

Bo Staff 4624

Bo Staff 4624
This quality grade L7 bo staff, often used in the Okinawan martial arts is made to traditional proportions of 1 1/8" diameter and 71" in length. Often known as the "Rokushaku Bo," which refers to the traditional length of 6 shaku. The Kingfisher version is made of tough Appalachian hickory, a wood more resilient than oak, including the evergreen white oak, shiro kashi. The qualities of hickory become evident over time, especially when other wood species start to get brittle.
Code: Bo4624
Price: $125.00

Diameter: 1.125"
Overall Length: 71"
Weight: 34 ounces

The end detail on Kingfisher grade L7 4624 Bo staff with maker's mark. This one was made by senior woodworker Benny Danaher. The characters mean, "red metal."