Special Wooden Staffs

Enhanced Hiking Stick "mori"

Enhanced Hiking Stick "mori"
Enh1508 (Mori) is made of enhanced Appalachian hickory, our toughest and most beautiful material made even better through a process whereby acrylic resin is drawn completely through the structure of the wood. Very little maintenance is needed. This staff is long and slender with a beautiful mix of red and white wood, characteristic of the high grade hickory of southeastern US. The staff is perfect for balance, stability and if needed, self defense.
Code: enhhs1508
Price: $295.00

Diameter: 15/16"
Overall Length: 59"
Weight: 24.4 ounces

The kanji inscription is comprised of three identical elements (radicals), each meaning "tree." When combined into one, the meaning is - forest.

Tungsten carbide wear tip. Unlike sharp carbide points, this robust domed shape will last indefinitely and due to its shape, is environmentally friendly and less likely to mar and deface rock surfaces.<

L7 Hiking stick 1672

L7 Hiking stick 1672
Code: L7hs1672
Price: $175.00

Diameter: 1"
Overall Length: 59"
Weight: 24.2 ounces

We use this dome end design on grade L7 hiking staffs - the same shape we use on quality grade L7 martial art staffs.

This is our proprietary tungsten carbide tip - good for all around hiking and rounded to be enviromentally friendly. For more information, see this link hiking stick

Unfinished dowels are made from high quality, tough Appalachian hickory.

Project grade dowels: too warped for full length staffs or have included knots or defects as shown. Perfect for DIY shorter weapons or DIY hiking sticks where straightness isn't critical. Project dowels are not sorted so any combination of colors and quality grades are included- white wood, red wood or a combination of the two. Diameter approximately 1" and length approximately 60".

Code: pd
Price: $14.00

For project dowels, we are currently out of stock.

Diameter: Approx. 1"
Overall Length: Approx. 60"

Project grade dowel.

Enhanced hiking stick 1577

Enhanced hiking stick 1577
This heavy, enhanced hiking/self defense staff has a graceful ivory grain structure with (old version) carbide tips on both ends. This would not be a good choice for use in the dojo however, it would be excellent for practicing staff techniques outdoors. While everything about this stick i.e. its straightness, weight, strength is superb, it has a cosmetic anomaly shown in the detail image below. It's offered here at 30% below regular pricing. For more information on the enhanced wood and carbide tips, see the links below!
Code: enhhs1577
Price: $200.00

Diameter: 1"
Overall Length: 56"
Weight: 29.4 ounces

Rugged carbide tips at both ends for quick reversals in an outdoor environment.

This unusual looking grain pattern is due to a growth feature in the wood itself however, we checked it in an extreme bending stress test and this area is as resilient and tough as the rest of the staff.


Code: 60L7hs-1-4155
Price: $95.00

Diameter: 1"
Overall Length: 60"
Weight: 25 ounces

Hand cut end

This hiking stick has one or two very small drying checks towards the top. This would not affect strength or performance.

Tungsten carbide tip

58" L7 hiking stick

58" L7 hiking stick
This 58" x 1" grade L7 Appalachian hickory hiking stick is all red heart wood (quite dark in color) with beautiful, almost black mineral streaks. It has our old style carbide tip, which has a slightly different geometry than the new tip however, the old design is completely functional - the old design served as our primary hiking stick tip for fifteen years. For more information on wood grades and other options, see the links below. The price is discounted 20%.
Code: 58L7hs1591
Price: $105.00

Diameter: 1"
Overall Length: 58"
Weight: 23.4 ounces

This hiking stick has the old style carbide tip.