Special Wooden Swords

Beautiful, massive smooth sanded suburito of grade L7 wood. The actual one shown above has been sold but we have very high grade wood available with comparable features including mineral streaks, color variations and character marks that in no way devalue the beauty or functionality of the piece.
Code: stdsub0943
Price: $200.00

Overall Length: 42"
Tsuka (hilt) Length: 12"
Weight: 42 ounces

This bokken is made of tough, ultra dense enhanced Appalachian hickory, whch for martial art purposes, is vastly superior in all regards in hardness, strength and density to all other wood. We only use the best wood for the enhancement process: the wildness of the grain and startling color differences are magnificent in this example. It's shape, proportion, symmetry and balance are the ideal for this design: the aikiken medium, our most popular and versatile wooden sword. This one has the most bold color difference, going from a deep tan/reds to black to ivory at the tip. For all of its wildness; the odd color demarkations and character mark and craziness, its rightful place may be on a shomen or kamiza but don't think that this bokken isn't strong. It's a showpiece and it's not a showpiece at the same time. It's hard to explain until you hold one of these weapons.
Code: enhakmed-IN-YO
Price: $750.00

Overall Length: 40"
Tsuka (hilt) Length: 11"
Weight: 23.8 ounces

The inscription reads: In-Yo in kanji. It signifies the interplay between light and dark, male and female, the contractive and expansive forces that govern the universe.

This enhanced katori bokken captures the essence of the old school (koryu) specialized bokken specific to Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu, a classical old sword school, founded in the early Muromachi period by Iizasa Choisai Ienao. The remarkable feeling of power is surprising due to its relatively short 38.5" length. It has a flared tsuka and koshi-zori curvature pulled back into the tsuka, giving it a feeling of leverage unlike any other wooden sword. We've often had customers request custom Katori bokken at longer lengths - (and we will do this), however, it's our opinion that that design cannot be improved and any modification reduces the quick but heavy-hitting character of the design. For more information on enhanced weapons, see the additional informational links below.
Code: enhkat1548
Price: $650.00

1 available for immediate delivery

Major Axis: 1.425"
Minor Axis: 1.040"
Overall Length: 38.5"
Sori (curvature): .5"
Taper: 20%
Weight: 24.2 ounces

The kashira (hilt area) of enhanced bokken are shaped into a compound dome geometry. This is similar to live blade fittings and allows for correct a left hand grip where the user often positions the pinky finger at the very edge or end of the tsuka.

The complex shape of the "chisel" style point is exceedingly strong but also allows a sharp visual orientation of the tip when weilding the bokken.

This Grade L5 aikiken large with inscription is marked down 15% from the list price. It's on of our base models however, it has perfect geometry and excellent balance - a perfect example of the aikiken syle in L5 quality grade. For more information on wood grades see the links below.
Code: aklgfleetingworld
Price: $105.00

Overall Length: 42"
Tsuka (hilt) Length: 11.5"
Weight: 22.6 ounces

The inscription reads, "Fleeting world." A Buddhist concept pertaining to the impermanence of temporal existence.