Suburito - Basic Swinging Bokken

Made of a single piece of dense, solid Appalacian hickory, the Kingfisher suburito (basic swinging sword), at 38 oz, is heavy with a pronounced forward balance. With a comfortable (slight hourglass shape) oval tsuka and correct curvature it has good directional feel and is excellent for developing form, correct hip positioning, strength and flexibility. Exercises include daily multiple sword cuts as well as left handed single cuts as the left hand is often considered the side of main power delivery.

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    Since the suburito is not used in paired practice, this weapon is offered in 2 grade levels only. The wood is primarily chosen for weight and while the shape and finish is superb, the standard grade may include some superficial cosmetic defects. The L7hc grade is chosen for weight and aesthetics (see the picture below) and would be suitable for a special gift or collectors piece.

    Kissaki of the L7hc (grade level 7 hand cut) suburito. The wood at the tsuka (hand held end) is a normal oval, like a medium sized bokken however, the point flares out to a dimension of 2 x 2". This gives the suburito its tremendous forward balance that enables the user to practice sword swings with high resistance.