Tessen - Japanese War Fan

Tessen, 鉄扇, the war fan of feudal Japan, re-created in single piece, ultra tough Appalachian hickory and shown below with optional colors and lanyards.



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    Tessen were used by Samurai in situations where swords or other weapons were not allowed, fending off knives, darts, and knife attack. Some were made of a solid piece of iron and didn't fold out. Similarly, the discreet Kingfisher wooden tessen looks like a massage or body-work tool. It can be carried anywhere for use in striking, takedown or pressure point application. This modern interpretation has significance against assailants and hostile animals. Note the optional adjustable lanyard: it serves as both a wrist loop also a whip with a reach of 36". All of which functioning as a less lethal and controlled alternative to firearms and bladed weapons    

    The flared end of the tessen with arch-top and eased edges.
    Tessen and optional lanyard is available in 3 colors, any combination.