carrying case

Our superbly crafted carry case for your bokken, jo, tanto and other martial arts weapons. Made in the USA.

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carrying case
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    Superbly crafted weapons carry case from Two Trees Design for transport and storage. Holds wooden weapons up to 56" length in main pocket with a 13" accessories pocket. This case uses a dense, soft lay nylon with all double stitch construction, full wrap webbing and durable, smooth running zippers for instant access to your weapons. The look of this case is understated but unmistakable in quality of materials and workmanship.


    • Main zipper flap
    • Comfortable shoulder strap with flat sewn padding strip.
    • Leather bottom pocket for durability and added strength.

    US made, without reliance on outsourced labor, this outstanding carry case is a beautiful match to Kingfisher weapons. The case is large enough to carry most combinations of wooden weapons. Maximum weapon length is 56". Its main pocket is 6" wide with capacity to easily accommodate long sword, short sword, jo, hanbo, suburito (with tsuba and tanto in side pocket). The picture above shows bokken with attached tsuba which of course will reduce the capacity but, we were able to fit long and short swords with attached tsuba and a jo!