Wholesale martial sticks (6 per carton)

Wholesale martial sticks (6 per carton)
    Code: quan6stick
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $150.00
    Diameter: 15/16" or 1"
    Overall Length: Various: 24" - 58"

    Wholesale sticks - KAE (kali, arnis, escrima), hanbo, jo & others are shipped in cartons of 6 items. 9 lengths are available in 2 diameters including baton lengths, KAE, hanbo and jo (including the Shindo Muso Ryu Jo - the standard Japanese 50.25 x 15/16" jo. These staffs are smooth sanded with chamfered ends and finished with Kingfisher's proprietary oil finish process providing optimal handling characteristics. Made from tough Appalachian hickory and ready to use, shipments may include grade and color variations, character marks and mineral streaks but are totally functional and without structural defects.

    Wholesale sticks are available in 15/16 and 1" diameter. While the difference may seem minimal, the feel is quite noticeable. 15/16" has a fast slender feel while 1" diameter staffs have a feeling of medium heft.

    Note: select "no preference" when choosing diameter and get 3 at 15/16" and 3 at 1"!

    These sticks are priced at 35 - 40% below the individual product prices. For orders requiring customizations, mix and match lengths, inscriptions, grade specification, special handling or shipping instructions, please go to this link custom staffs