Hiking Stick 4629

Hiking stick in Grade L5 wood with tungsten carbide wear tip and customized inscription



Hiking Stick 4629
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    Price: $92.00
    Diameter: 1"
    Overall Length: 50.5"
    Weight: 16 ounces
    This wooden hiking stick is made of tough Appalachian hickory and perfect for the hiker looking for a dependable, light weight staff. It includes a rugged tungsten carbide wear tip for severe outdoor service on any terrain. This hiking staff version is from our "custom length staff" category. It's intended to serve the user trained in stick techniques derived from the fabled schools of Jodo whereby a simple stick becomes an effective tool of self defense.

    Notice the crisp detail and workmanship of the hiking stick end. This one, because it's a hybrid between a recreational hiking staff and a martial art staff, bears the maker's mark in kanji characters.
    The inscription reads, "kan," see with your mind's eye.
    The Kingfisher carbide tip is made of mining grade material. While it's incredibly tough, the geometry of the point is rounded and designed to have minimal impact on delicate trails or ecosystems.