Yagyu bokken

Yagyu Bokken Long Sword

The Yagyu Bokken is thin, light, and fast - it's one of the most elegant bokken, designed for quickness and finesse.

Yagyu bokken
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    The Yagyu Bokken at 40" overall length is one of the most elegant and beautiful of wooden sword shapes. Like all Kingfisher products, it is strong and fully capable of paired practice but also relatively slender. Due to its thin shape and lower mass, this superbly efficient design is mainly oriented to finesse and evasion, lending itself to quick and light movements instead of re-directing the path of heavier weapons through impact. The Yagyu bokken does not accept a hand guard (tsuba) and due to the gradual blending of the handle section (tsuka) to the blade, allows for various hand spacings.
    Kashira of the L7 quality grade.
    The Yagyu bokken has a smooth, transitionless blending between the tsuka (hilt) and blade section. It's not designed to be used with a tsuba (hand guard)
    Kissaki (point) of the L7 grade.

    Hello, My friend had a beautiful bokken made by you just about 6 months ago. It was apparently stolen from our dojo. Is there any way you could make her a replacement that would look the same? The combination of red and white hickory was absolutely gorgeous. It was a yagyu style. The order would have been placed by her husband... Thanks.

    Hello James, I was looking at your Specials page and saw the Shinto Floating World Bokken and your description. It looks very nice. I like the way it curves in the middle and gets a little straighter towards the kissaki. Also, The kissaki work is beautiful with the wood grain pattern. Also your comments on shape and balance very much interested me. I am checking if that Bokken is available? You may remember that you made me a custom hand cut Yagyu in 2016 that had beautiful coloring and graining. I have been very happy with that one. Thank you,CE

    Hello, I saw the ad for the yagyu bokken on Facebook and I wanted to take a moment to give a testimonial. From the moment I picked it up I learned the difference between a real bokken and a factory made stick. The balance and feel were much more akin to a katana. It allowed for much more speed and fluid movement without tiring the hands. I've had mine for several years now and it is still by far my favorite. Thank you for this wonderful addition to my training. Karri

    Brad, Received.And man is she fast and well balanced! Great work! Thank you and be blessed Gary