Yari - Wooden Practice Spear

Wooden practice version of the yari spear in quality grade L7.



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    This Yari is the wooden practice version of the Japanese spear, the fabled samurai weapon of ancient times. Its use influenced bayonet techiques taught by O-sensei Morihei Ueshiba prior to WWII and later, the development of Aikido staff techniqes.

    This product is made with wood quality grade L7.
    For more information on the carbide tip option see this link: carbide tip. The carbide is attached to the base of the yari shaft, similar in function to the ishizuki on a live yari.

    Above, the pyramical shaped point of the Kingfisher wooden practice Yari is flared at the base. This allows the user to feel the transition area without looking and quickly adjust hand positions.

    To the left, the haft end is dome shaped - this is the same as our grade L7 staffs and allows for a sword grip at the base of the yari as well as thrusting strikes and defensive moves with the shaft.

    They are wonderful. Of course. And it's most excellent that I now have two different schools to train in, both of which have used spears of one sort or another.... All the best, Jan