Yawara - Japanese Weapon

The yawara (also called pasak or dulodulo in Filipino martial arts) is a Japanese weapon used in various martial arts.

The Yawara originated from the use of Kongou, a Buddhist symbolic object, by monks in Feudal Japan. The Yawara takes the form of one or two small, thick sticks that protrude about an inch from each side of the hand. They are usually used in pairs to initiate throws, bone breaks, and pressure point strikes.

The yawara stick was popularized for police officers in the 1940s by Frank A. Matsuyama who made his own version in 1937 or earlier (ref: wikipedia)


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    In skilled hands the unassuming yawara can be effectively deployed with a repertory of defensive and offensive pressure point manipulations as well as atemi (striking techniques). It's small size, simple shape and wooden character make it inconspicuous but surprisingly powerful. A variety of lengths are offered to suit individual requirements.