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Bokken, jo and related wooden weapons at the highest level of strength, craft and quality.

Kingfisher WoodWorks LLC manufactures wooden weapons specific to the Japanese sword related martial arts - mainly swords and staffs used in the aiki martial arts (Aikido bokken and Iwama bokken) including selected wooden swords of the old schools (koryu) such as the Kenjutsu bokken, Yagyu bokken, Katori bokken and others. In business for thirty one years, Kingfisher has more technical expertise on bokken, jo, tanto and general martial art sticks than any American manufacturer and arguably, anyone world-wide.


We also offer unparalleled support in choosing from dozens of bokken and jo variations with personal customizations and offer the best selection of other wooden weapons such as bo, suburito, hanbo, tanto, yawara). While small orders for individuals make up our primary business, we occasionally supply the film industry art departments and property master shops including the bokken used in Edward Zwick's "The Last Samurai", props used in GI Joe Retaliation and fighting sticks used in Marvel/Netflix Daredevil series. More...

Yagyu Munenori, 1632: goblin showing a technique of facing an opponent with two swords
Kingfisher WoodWorks produced fighting sticks used in Daredevil.  Courtesy of Marvel and Netflix.
Kingfisher WoodWorks produced props used in GI Joe Retaliation.  Courtesy of Hasbro Studios and Di Bonaventura Pictures.