Aikido bokken

Aikido Bokken, Sword of Aikido

The Aikido bokken (aikiken bokken or, sword of aikido) is the best choice for most Aikido dojo but also extremely versatile for other Japananese sword related martial arts. It's available in 2 sizes and 3 quality grades. While the design is mainly intended for the necessary speed and strength required for Aikido weapons practice, the shape incorporates several koryu (old school) stylistic features. The aikido bokken, or "aiki bokken," is suitable for both kumi-tachi (partner practice) as well as suburi (solo) practice.



Aikido bokken
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    The Aikido bokken by Kingfisher is available in 2 sizes and 3 quality grades: the medium version is one of the best representations of the benchmark or average size and shape of a Japanese wooden sword. At 40" overall length and medium thickness, it could be used in most dojo and most practice situations for martial artists seeking a mid-weight design. The Aikiken large is a bit longer at 42" and is also slightly larger in girth.

    The Aikiken hilt (kashira), as with all of Kingfisher bokken, has slight variations depending on grade level. Shown here is the grade L5 flat kashira with chamfered edge. Grade L7 has a domed configuration. Grade L7hc has a hand cut configuration. For more information on this, check out this link wood grade selections.
    The Aikiken bokken has a pedal shaped transition. It allows for the use of a tsuba (hand guard) but also creates a tactile reference for hand placement. Optional inscriptions are made on the bevel, right in front of the tsuba position.
    This is the chisel shape of the aikiken kissaki (point). It's derived from koryu (old school) designs and while the geometry is very strong, the shape gives the user a very good visual reference of its positon and orientation.

    Hi Brad I received the bokken and OH MY GOD, it is beautiful I almost don't want to use it, it looks so good. The jo and tanto are awesome too. One question on the bamboo tsuba, when I try to fit it, it got to 3/4 of the length of where it's supposed to be at the beginning of the tsuka. I didn't want to jam it in there forcefully, so is there a proper technique to install the tsuba? I'm assuming that I put an o-ring on each side of the tsuba. Makers response-Thanks so much! Tsuba are custom fit to individual bokken. They are intended to be a little snug at first however, they will seat into the transition ramp after a bit of use.



    Hello, I'm mailing you to let you know i received the 42" aikiken i ordered near the beginning of the month. it is of the best quality i've ever seen. awesome, awesome sword, thank you! the grain on the chisel top is wild, changing color from light to dark with movement and the patterns within the wood make me feel like i'm handling a much more expensive piece of art. i hope to take care of it well enough to hand it down to my children! i can't wait to order another one of your wooden weapons. hopefully soon! - Andrew