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Enhanced Staff - Japanese Staffs

Enhanced staffs are made of L7 grade Appalachian hickory - with acrylic resin completely drawn through the wood. Very minimal maintenance is required, with no need for oil or waterproofing. These staffs are extremely tough, stable, dent resistant and will outperform any Jo or martial art staff in toughness and durability. This wood has all of the beneficial properties of tropical or exotic woods without any of the drawbacks of brittleness, checking or variable quality so often associated with rainforest wood. While the wood is heavy (it will sink in water), it gives a feeling of solidness without being excessively inertial or difficult to maneuver. The properties of enhanced Appalachian hickory make these products ideal for high end martial art staffs and hiking sticks where severe use or self defense scenarios may be encountered. Additionally, Appalachian hickory itself is sourced from well managed domestic mills and our process uses a non toxic acrylic resin for hardness and stabilization. Enhanced staffs are available in 2 diameters and practically any length under 58" - as short yawara length pressure point weapons, medium hanbo (or cane) length weapons and jo staff up to 58". 

Optional carbide tips make these perfect for use as a hiking stick.

Order any size staff from 6" to 58" length in (tanbo, baton, custom jo, and other customized staffs).

See these links for more information:

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Please allow 3 1/2 - 4 weeks for shipment. We'll send tracking upon completion.



Enhanced staff
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    Hello, this is Cole K and I'd like you to know I received my custom enhanced staff and was blown away by the excellent craftmanship. I noticed. Hope to be passing this down for others to enjoy as the enhancement process will surely outlast me and then some. Thank you for your time and patience Kingfisher!