Jo length hiking staff

Jo length hiking staff
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    Price: $214.00
    Diameter: 15/16"
    Overall Length: 50.25"
    Weight: 22.2 ounces
    This staff is made to the proportions of the classic jo of Feudal Japan however, it's fitted with a rugged tungsten carbide tip (old version) for use as a hiking staff. The Grade is L7hc (grade L7 hand cut). Its our most premium quality grade in a natural wood product. This particular staff has a beautiful mix of red and white wood that doesn't really show up in the images. For more information on wood grades, see the informational links below.
    The hand cut facets of the L7hc grade are unique to Kingfisher. All high quality archaic woodwork is like this moreover, the little cut marks, while only visible upon close inspection, give these products their wonderful feeling of tactile grip.
    This staff is made in the proportions of the storied "Shindo Muso Ryu" school of jodo but it's fitted with a carbide tip. You wouldn't want to use this in the dojo however, it would be perfect for outdoor hiking.